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Azari Ishq 3


⁣Net TV Kurd : Dramai Azari Ishq 3 Dramaiaky Turki Komalaiaty Ishq u Xoshawisti u Dramia. Azary Ishq Barhami kanali NET TV KURD bo zmani Kurdi Sorani 2017. am dramaia la Show TV turky la mangi 12 2015 dasty pekrdwa. Azary Ishq Azary Eshq

Love destroys everything in its path - life of lovers the surrounding loved ones. In this story, intertwined fates of four young people. Melek and Bulut fell in love with the first meeting. The only thing holding back - a woman named Sude, the thirsty to love and be loved. In addition it is also the guy Ali, who is ready to do anything for love. You will know how to connect the stories of our characters. Can they find their way to happiness? The series is based on a Korean TV series "Hopeless Love".

Bitter love, Hopeless Love, Acı Aşk, Azari Ishq, ئازاری ئیشق
Genre: Love, Drama
Screenwriter:Sema Ali Erol, Figen Şakacı, Mahir Erol
Directed by: Çağatay Tosun
The lead role:
Seçkin Özdemir - Bulut
Selin Şekerci - Sude
Sezgi Sena Akay - Melek
Alperen Duymaz - Ali
Hüseyin Avni Danyal - Ferman
Neriman Uğur - Şahika
Erkan Can - Reşat
Mutlu Güney - Saffet
Nazan Diper - Ayten
Çağla Özavcı - Deniz
Tolga Mendi - Haydar
Umur Yiğit Vanlı - Sinan
Sırma Gülen - Gökçe
Asuman Dabak - Elmas
Burak Yamantürk - Mehmet
Country: Turkey
Language: Turkish
Season number: 1
Chapter number: 13
Production: Producer Erol Avci,
Location: Izmir, Istanbul
Screen time: 120 minutes
Production company: TMC Film
Release information: Channel Show TV
Published December 20, 2015 - March 13, 2016 Status Ended

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