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Rachalaki Xaribakan 31 kotaiy

14 Nov 2021

⁣⁣⁣KurdSat TV - Dramai Arabi Rachalaki Xaribakan 31 kotaiy Doblazhy Araby bo kurdi sorani Kanali KurdSat TV 2021 Rachalaky Xaribakan, Dramaiaky Dramia, Komalaiaty, Xezaniy, Xoshawistia. la sali 2021 paxsh krawa la kanala Arabiakan, Kanli KurdSat HD la sali 2021 Paxshy krdwa.

In the wake of a fight that left half the members of Ghefran and Assaf's families dead, the latter is released from prison to try and restore the balance of power between him and his archenemy Gherfan, especially as the latter had married Assaf's beloved ex-wife and raised his son.

Set in Upper Egypt, after being accused of murder and serving a long sentence in prison, the protagonist gets out to find his friend has married his woman and claimed his son as his own, so he plans revenge.

Nasl El Aghrab : Outsider Bloodline - نسل الأغراب - رەچەڵەکی غەریبەکان - Rachalaki Xaribakan
Stars: Ahmed El-Sakka : (Assaf Adham Al-Gharib), Amir Karara : (Ghofran El-Ghareeb), Mai Omar : (Jalila Othman Al-Gharib), Diab : (Ali Othman Al-Gharib), Ahmed Malik : (Hamza Assaf Al-Gharib), Ahmed Dash : (Salim Ghufran Al-Gharib),
Edward : (Hasib Othman Al-Gharib), Ferdous Abdel Hamid : (Najat),
Type: Thriller, Drama, Action
Directed by: Mohamed Sami
Writer: Mohamed Sami
Production Company: Synergy Art Production
Country: Egypt
Language: Arabic
Number of episodes: 30 episodes
First aired on: 13 April 2021

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