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5:30 - Penj u Niw 30 kotaiy

03 May 2021

⁣⁣KurdSat TV - Dramai 5:30 - Penj u Niw 30 kotaiy Doblazhy Araby bo kurdi sorani Kanali KurdSat TV 2021 enj u New, Dramaiaky Dramia, Komalaiaty, Xezaniy, Xoshawistia. la Ramazani sali 2019 paxsh krawa la kanali MBC4, Kanli KurdSat HD la sali 2021 Paxshy krdwa.

The events of the series deal with an unusual love story between two lovers Ghamar Al-Ghanim ( Qusay Khouli ) and Dr. Bayan Najmuddin ( Nadine Nassib Najim ), in which the woman tries to tame a lover who craves the glory of money and suffers from hatred and power struggles, and her ability to play an influential role in his life.

Five and a half - Five Thirty - Khamsa-Wa-Nos - خمسة ونص - پێنج و نیو - Penj u Niw
Type: Romantic, Drama
Directed by: Philip Asmara
championship: Nadine Nassib Njeim , Qusay Khouli and Mutasim al-Nahar
Country: Lebanon and Syria
Language: Arabic
Number of episodes: 30 episodes
First aired on: May 6, 2019 - Juni 4 2019

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