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Kolanakani Pshtawa 863

NRT2 TV – Dramai Kolanakani Pshtawa 863  Dramai Polici Turki Kanali NRT 2 ba zmani kurdi sorani 2015. Arka Sokaklar (Turkish for “back alleys” or “back streets”), a long-running television crime series on Turkish Kanal D, was first broadcast in July 2006. The charactersare described, below, using in-universe tone. NRT on NILESAT Frequency: 12,521 | POL Vertical | S/R 27,500 | FEC 5/6 NRT2 on NILESAT Frequency: 12,Edit Edit visibility521 | POL Vertical | S/R 2 w7,500 | FEC 5/63

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