Daryay New Dilm 200

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Daryay New Dilm 200

KurdMax TV – Dramai Daryay New Dilm 200 Sorani dramay Daryay New Dlm dramaiaki Komalaity Romasi Dramaia Xezania Daryai New Dilm. Deryari New Dilm Kanali Kurd Max ba hardw zaraway Sorani u Badini peshkashy akat 2017.

Kalbimdeki Deniz

Deniz has everything a woman can ask for. But when her husband disappeared no trace, this happy life changes. Deniz, who is in a desperate state with her two children and her father, meets Mirat who will be a lover and be a life-saver.

The series was released on FOX screens on October 22, 2016 – June 17, 2017.
Director Aysun Akyüz Mehdiabbas , director Funda Çetin, producers Yaşar İrvul and Efe Irvül. The main series is shared by Kutsi and Özge Özberk

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